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Hey Ya’ll!!!

Sorry I have been MIA! I have had a busy week and tons of snow! But I am going to give you a look at my binder! I am sure this binder will change the longer I live this life so be prepared for an update about next January or earlier. This may turn into 2 parts because my binder is quite big and I want to make sure you all get as detailed information as I can give you!! I got most of my things from this Army wife’s blog and I just adjusted to the needs of my family! She had really great links to printables so I will include those for you and if any of her’s are broken or do not exist anymore I will (hopefully) find you new ones! I will add photos if I can figure it out! 🙂 So here is what my binder looks like. It is just plain black because all my binders are different colored. My PCS (Permanent Change of Station) binder is white (look for a future post of this one as well!) and smaller so I know exactly which is which. All of my numbered categories have a bigger size divider and my alphabet categories have smaller ones since they are with that subject.


What’s In It:

  • Lots of dividers
  • Page protectors
  • Yellow Envelopes


1.) Orders

2.) Legal Documents

a.) POA (Power of Attorney): There are multiple types so make sure you do your research and ask the advice of the Attorney you get your papers from.

b.) Wills

c.) Copy of SGLI (Servicemember’s Group Life Insurance)

d.) Marriage Certificate, divorce papers, adoption papers and custody papers.

e.) Mortgage and Lease papers

3.) Identification

a.) Copies of Military ID’s, Voter Registration Cards

b.) This is where I put one of the yellow envelopes for papers that can’t be 3-hole punched (SS cards, Birth Certificates, marriage certificate and passports.)


4.) Finances

a.) Budget (here is a PDF form you can print off to help you)

b.) Bills. This is where I wrote a list of all of our online bill accounts with ID, passwords, account numbers, and security questions with their answers.

c.) Card Information (Debit/Credit Cards. PDF file here)

d.) Bank Information. Website Username/Password, Security questions/Answers. Here is a PDF file for you but I just wrote mine down on a piece of paper since we will be changing banks before we leave.

e.) Insurance Information (Numbers to call, Policy Numbers)

f.) LES (Leaves and Earnings Statement)

5.) Contacts

a.) Family Contacts (Address, phone numbers)

b.) Military (I will put the printable here for you since it is AWESOME!)

c.) Babysitter/Day Care Info (the usual Names, Addresses, and Phone Numbers)

d.) Maintenance (Type of repair, Name, Phone number and business hours. Here is your file.)

6.) Records

a.) Medical. My daughter’s pediatricians office always prints off a visit summary for me with her shots she needs next and things so I put that here. When we go to move to our FDS her shot record will go here and so will the next baby’s since I am pregnant now and due when we move.

b.) Dental

c.) School. I put another envelope here because I didn’t want the only copies we have of things to be 3-hole punched but you can make copies and just stick them in your binder.

d.) Military Awards

7.) Automobile (this is a very good printable to use)

8.)Family Needs

a.) Doctors List. For each person in the family if you all have different ones. Make sure you include phone number, on call service number if they have it, name and address.

b.) CYS Information (Child and Youth Services) I am new to this part so I would assume whatever post you are on you would just get the names and numbers. I will update when I get a better understanding of it

c.) Family Plans. I love this PDF file, it is my favorite of them all because it helps your sitter better understand what your child is like at that particular time if they only watch them every once in a while.

d.) Disaster Plans. Make a plan for each type of disaster (tornado, hurricane, snow storm) and what you will do when it happens.

9.) Calendar. I prefer full, side by side calendars so I loved this one I found on Pinterest!

10.) Miscellaneous. Here I put Walmart, Amazon, Hulu and Netflix usernames/passwords
IMG_0433 IMG_0437

I preferred the clear dividers just because I like to see everything! I had to 3-hole punch the envelopes but they fit very nicely into my binder, they do poke out the top a little but it doesn’t bother me and it fits all of the documents I need to put in. That’s pretty much it! I put a bunch of page protectors at the end of the binder so they were readily available whenever I needed them. I put one copy of POA in one and his orders. His orders right now were just the Enlistment Documents but then I have everything I need right there for now on the front page. Don’t forget that you can change this however you want! That’s what I did! Mine is not exactly like the other bloggers but it fits what is good for my family right now which is most important! Do what works for you right now because you can always add to or take out what you do and don’t need! I hope I helped! If you have any questions just ask me!!



Hey Ya’ll!

Sorry I have been MIA this weekend! It was my daughters birthday this weekend so I had to make a cake and decorations! My mother and I also took her to Disney On Ice which was SO much fun! My daughter turned two and is a major girly girl so all the princesses was a big hit! I am very excited that I logged in to find lots of views and even a few followers! Thank you all! I’m very new to the Army life so if I get anything wrong please feel free to comment and correct me! Sometime this week I will go over my Army Life Binder with you and I will post links to free (we all love free right?!) charts and things to help keep you organized! I am really excited about this blog and I hope I reach men and women alike who need info about Army life. I do advise you find a support group (any one can be in a support group and I suggest to all people to be in one, it is very helpful with just everyday life) especially during BCT because BCT is a hard time for everyone in your family including your soldier! I have found the FT Jackson BCT Family Support Facebook page is very helpful even if your soldier is not at Ft Jackson for BCT. They have lots of files and links full of info! Military Spouse on Pinterest is an excellent source also! Please feel free to email me if you have a long story to go along with your questions. My email is in my About Me page! I promise tomorrow’s post will be much more interesting! Thanks for reading!

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I Need To Add

Hello 🙂

I would like to add that I am a Christian. I will be discussing Christianity as a religion here and there. I will probably discuss any books I’m reading and any devotionals that really stood out to me. I wanted to add this because I believe it is very important to profess your beliefs. I want to own up to what I say I am. So I will be adding this in my “About Me” section also. I just wanted to let you know because this may affect on my feelings about certain life decisions and happenings. Today I realized that I am completely inadequate as a Christian and a Christian parent trying to guide my children. If you have a different religion and disagree with something I say that is completely fine! I’m 100% up for a debate as long as there is no bashing or attacking. I just felt I needed to add this. Thanks for reading 🙂

“Be joyous always; pray continually; give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.” 1 Thessalonians 4:16-19

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Valentine’s Day Without My Soldier


Today is Valentine’s Day. I always use to think it was terrible to be single on Valentine’s Day but I have learned it is 10 times worse to be married to a Soldier that is somewhere else. I know he isn’t deployed which I am positive is 10 thousand times harder. It is just sad. I am sick and my toddler was crazy today. I received no letters today and some people’s husbands prearranged stuff to go to their house for Valentine’s Day. Even though I know my husband doesn’t have this personality (I hope yours does!) it was still disappointing. I’m just going to be real here for a minute. I am absolutely annoyed. There are women that husbands left a week after mine and they are receiving PHONE CALLS. Freaking PHONE CALLS! One girl got 3 letters today alone! I am kinda thankful for the Facebook support page for Fort Jackson BCT because I found other wives going through what I am but at the same time I now have something to measure what I do and don’t get against and it is making me more sad than happy. Sorry for that giant run on sentence. It’s just frustrating. I completely understand that he is going through way worse being “soldierized” and being kinda ripped away from us but am I not allowed to have feelings too? I would never ever complain to him at all about it but I am still allowed to have feelings. Just because he joined the Army doesn’t mean I lose all of my prior feelings about not being able to contact my husband. So I’m just letting you know it is okay to feel. Yes I am going to have to be “Army Strong” (you will hear this till you are out) for him but privately I am allowed to be upset. I know there will be way harder things than this but right now this is happening and I am upset. It’s not that its Valentine’s Day really. Valentine’s Day hasn’t really been a “holiday” for me because I don’t expect any presents or anything but I do appreciate and love the time I spend with my husband. That is one of the reasons being away from him without communication is hard for me because one of my love languages is spending time together and I cannot express my love that way so I feel terribly restricted. Sorry for venting at you guys. I’m sure you wanted some self-help for making your Valentine’s Day better without your love. I will suggest to get out of the house if possible. Go out with friends, even single ones. Go out with your parents. Just get out of the house you will feel way better than I do! Thanks for reading!


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My New Life


         I wanted to start a blog not only to help me navigate my new life but to also help new wives, mothers, and Army wives get info and navigate their new lives. I’ve tried to start blogs before but this one I feel is going to be best for me. You will hear rantings, you will see DIY projects from Pinterest, you will see lots of kids stuff and you will read lots about info I have gathered from other sites. Im a little bit of a crunchy mom so dont be surprised if you see some posts of me making diapers, babywearing, or  reviews on menstrual cups. WARNING: this site is not for men unless they are totally comfortable with all women things. I hope I help you out if you are looking for answers! If I dont have a post for any of your questions feel free to email my public email:

        So about my new life. I am a stay at home mom and have been since I got pregnant with my daughter. I am expecting a new little bundle of joy in August 2015. Life before January 25th was me staying home with my daughter and my husband going to college and work almost everyday. He was exhausted most days and he hated school. So in November last year he suggested to me that he join the Army. He liked all the benefits of it and how he could still provide for us and me stay home with our children which is very important for both of us. So I agreed not wanting my husband to be miserable in what he was doing everyday and I absolutely did not want him to feel like he could not provide for us which he feels is 100% the mans job. So he went and did his ASVAB (Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery) at MEPS (Military Entrance Processing Station) and filled out all the paper work and signed his contract stuff. Then last month (January) he left for BCT (Basic Combat Training). The first day wasnt too terrible because of where we live he had to be driven to a hotel near MEPS before they would retake their oath and leave for BCT so he could still text me. The day after he couldnt text me anymore was the worst day. I was a mess and just missed my husband terribly. As time has gone on I have gotten used to my husband not being here. I miss him just as much as the day he left but I am just used to it now. Some advice is write your soldier (husband, boyfriend, son) everyday, do not expect a letter for at least 3 weeks, and do not expect a call at all. I have done this and not getting phone calls is a lot easier. I have 55 days left without him then my daughter and I get a family day and graduation then he is off to AIT (Advanced Individual Training). Which is better than BCT because they get to have their phones and even laptops so you can skype and call more. My husband will be at AIT until a week before my due date. Just remember it gets easier.

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